Nikita Nekrasov

Nikita Nekrasov

Leading scientist and researcher at the Institute

Institute years: 1947-1968 1915

Born on April 10th in Moscow into a family of scientists.

1932 Graduated from school №4. Recommended by mathematics teacher B.M. Davidovich to be enrolled in the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at Moscow State University without exams.

1932 Begins studying at Moscow State University.

1937 Defends his thesis on ‘The theory of topological and zonal spherical functions.’

1938 Researcher of non-ferrous metals in the Research, Design and Development Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

1939 Activities classified as top secret. Sent to the graduate school of the Physics Department at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA. Defends his thesis on four-dimensional holomorphic theory, supervised by David Gross.

1941 Activities classified as top secret. Researcher at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA.

1946 Returns to the USSR.

1947 Leading researcher at the Institute.

1955 Participant of an international conference at the University of Paris (Sorbonne), France.

1956 Participant of the international scientific conference Theory

1956 in the Institute.

1968 No data available after November 8th 1968.


Married to Tatiana B. Pyatina (b. 1911), Head of the Azot chemical production plant.
Two children, Boris (b. 1947) and Lilya (b.1953).
Speaks English and French.

Awards and honours

Hero of Socialist Labour (x2).
Order of Lenin (x3).
Order of the Red Banner.
Stalin Prize (degree I).
Stalin Prize (degree II).
Lenin Prize.
USSR Academy of Sciences.
Author of over 100 scientific papers.

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