Marina Abramovic?

Marina Abramović

Visiting Professor of Anatomy Institute years: 1956 1892 Born on November 30 in Belgrade, Serbia. 1909 Studies in the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. 1914 Graduated from the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. Teaches biology at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. 1920 Marries Neša Paripović 1922 Biology professor at Amsterdam Free University. 1925 Meets the German physiologist Uwe Laysiepen. Divorces her husband. 1925 Published a series of scientific papers with Laysiepen over a 9-year period. 1934 Leaves her job at the Amsterdam Free University. Moves to China. Lectures on human anatomy at Peking University. Ends scientific collaboration with Uwe Laysiepen for ideological reasons. Undertakes an research trip to Tibet, studying neurophysiological features of Tibetans. 1937 Awarded a medal for research in the field of physiology. 1936 Professor of Anatomy at New York University. 1943 Awarded the Copley Medal for outstanding work on the respiratory function of blood. 1947 Attends the International Physiological Congress in Oxford, UK. 1950 Committee member of the International Physiological Congress. 1956 Visits the Institute at the invitation of D.B. Kaledin to conduct a series of experiments on human neurophysiology. Notes Not married, no children.

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